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Pork Stew
Goat Meat
Chopping pork
Goat at the farm

Bringing you the best meat for every meal

Meat being cut at Cheapside Public Market for sale

About DL Prestige

DL Prestige Farm & Meats Ltd. is a Barbadian-owned company with over 5 years experience in rearing animals and supplying meat in Barbados. We provide well-prepared lamb, chicken, beef and goat, with an extra special focus on pork.


Managed by Mr. Gregory Forde, the company was established on February 2, 2018, after the former company ‘G Forde's and Children Meat Depot’ transitioned. This meant that Forde and his team could comfortably expand the business and offer an improved service to loyal customers.


Quality meat comes directly from Forde’s farm in Applewaithe’s St. George. There, animals are fed grass and organic grain provided by local suppliers to guarantee healthy meat.


Enjoy Our Prestigious Cuts

How Customers Use Our Meats

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